Take action now to help Glass House Inc. provide a stronger and more sustainable community life, one person at a time!

How You Can Help:

Volunteer – You can aid us in our journey by contributing some of your time to our organization. If you:

  • Have a calling to teach life skill[s]
  • Have a successful recovery or acclimation story to share
  • Know how to teach and educate
  • Desire to mentor/spend time with clients – demonstrating healthy behaviors through someone who cares!

If you are interested in standing by our side in enhancing our community life, please contact Glass House Inc. at carol.glass@glasshouseinc.com.

Specialized Services Needed for Advisory Board:

  • Lawyer
  • CPA
  • Non-profit Fundraising
  • Community Advocate

Donate – Your donation would give us the funds to continue doing what we love, which is helping our clients and our community. Please send your donations to:

Glass House Inc.
P.O. Box 1123
Lancaster, PA 17608-1123