Here are some of the testimonials from clients’ at Glass House Inc.:

Dear Parole Board of Pennsylvania,

This letter is to show my support for the Glass House, Inc. There are many great reasons why the Glass House is a great place for ex-offenders to transition back into society. I will list many of those reasons in the following paragraphs. Please consider these reasons when making decisions about whether to allow ex-offenders to be housed at the Glass House. When an ex-offender is looking for a home plan and has no options left, Glass House is a great place to get your life started over. I was in this situation in my case. I had exhausted all of my other options, and the Glass House was able to accept me into their program. They worked closely with many encounters with my family and support network to keep us informed of the process and what to expect when coming to the Glass House. My family was welcomed to visit the house and the staff took time out to explain all of the program. They were able to answer the questions that were raised by my family, and were extremely polite and non-judgemental. My family was extremely grateful for their hospitality during their visit. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.

Some of the things that I’ve experienced that really stand out to me are the following: When I arrived at the Glass House, I was welcomed wholeheartedly by the staff.They went over the program with me and explained things that would happen over the next few days. On the second day that I was here, I was taken to the Lancaster Council of Churches Food Bank and Clothing Bank so that I had food to eat and clothing on my back since an ex-offender doesn’t have any of that just out of prison. The next day, I was taken to the County Assistance Office so I could apply for Health Assistance and SNAP Benefits, including Emergency SNAP Benefits. This was a tremendous help to me because I had no idea what I needed to do in order to apply for these, but the staff explained it all to me. On that same day, they made sure that I did an address change through the Post Office so that I had proof of residency here. They also took me to the DMV Office to update my address on my Driver’s License. A few days later, they explained the busing system to me too. They got to any appointments I needed to get to, and they met with me regularly during that initial two-week period to be sure that I was transitioning well to the new surroundings/environment. They continue to meet with me one-on-one for “IGP’s” or “Individual Goal Plans”. These plans include our goals that will assist us in becoming a productive member of society. They continue to meet with me once a week for these IGP sessions to be sure that I am focused on the right goals to help me transition back into society. The Glass House Inc. also requires participants of the program to attend Recovery related sessions here at the Glass House. They also offer Craft/Game/Movie night every Wednesday to help build social skills between participants. They also have “Unity Day” once a month to help do the same thing.

Please accept this support letter for the Glass House Inc. and its ex-offender program when making decisions to accept an ex-offender in to this program. Without it, I’m not sure I could’ve been so successful. Thank you for your time and consideration.

T. W.


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is an area that, in my earlier years, I’d often visited on day trips with my parents, but I’d not anticipated, despite being a native Pennsylvanian, that I’d ever live here. Due to legal issues, two of my PA college friends began looking on my behalf over a year ago to attempt to find a positive housing and living situation here in my home state. I’d spent nearly four years in a Massachusetts county jail-my very first experience at being incarcerated. After over 500 hours of searching, they found Lancaster’s Glass House Inc. on East King Street.

Carol A. Glass operates a strong, realistic, supportive program to help people like myself. Glass House Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization which works hard on a daily basis to assist individuals resolve unsettled past issues and to help them integrate responsibly back into society. This multi-faceted program is so much more than simply housing. The staff stresses life skills and daily routines.

My college friends communicated with Carol and found her to be a strong, focused, caring director who was willing to answer any and all questions about this unique program. Her information was shared with me and I instituted an Interstate Compact to enable me to be closer to church and college friends and to leave the solitary, isolation, Mass. Motel rooms to arrive in this warm, receptive, focused program in PA. The whole process took five long months and I am proud to say that I’ve now been housed here at Glass House for a full three months now.

This has been an extremely positive experience for me as I’ve settled into my new Lancaster life here in this re-acclimation program. I was warmly welcomed and thoughtfully advised about my legal obligations for proper registration with the State Police and also where to meet my probation agent. Furthermore, I was provided with sensible solutions for my State ID needs, my medical requirements, my orientation to Lancaster and to its transportation system. All of this was balanced with thoughtful orientation to the basic Glass House rules and expectations. In other words I was I was easily amalgamated into a comfortable, successful post-jail life.

The entire staff makes it very obvious that they stand ready to make the transition as smooth as possible for one who had been stuck in a boring motel room for such an extended period of time. Together folks here work on organizational, financial, and living skills as each of the residents adjust from past incarceration situations to relearning how to have positive experiences living in a group again. Yes, there are curfews, but they are established to help us all. Participants are respected as individuals as well as appreciated for the various talents and/or interests that they each bring to the Glass House community’s living situation.

Specific job skills are identified and stressed to encourage each person to build their financial stability with a solid work ethic. The houses are conveniently located on four of the 21 major routes into downtown Lancaster to make the job searching even easier. Each participant meets on a weekly basis in a private goal-setting conference with a program coordinator who helps to listen, advise, and set upcoming plans that together will eventually build to a positive, strong future of independence, and a productive lifestyle while re-entering into society. The overall aim is to succeed while also working to be fiscally responsible, with strong thinking self-esteem issues.

Attorneys in MA told me that they would like to see 10-12 “Glass House”-type operations in their state alone, just to better facilitate the lives of those who are homeless, or are in recovery and also, most importantly, for those who are sex offenders. The thoughtful  caring of the whole Glass House team gives new hope to otherwise ignored, forgotten individuals.

Richard S.


HI, my name is Connie,

I was living with Domestic violence every day. I was scared, lost, broken, sad and cried a lot. I had nowhere to go. I contacted Glass House Inc. Glass House Inc. welcomed me in with open arms even though I had mental health issues. I have bipolar, major depression, anxiety and PTSD. They took a chance with me that no one else was willing to do. When I entered, I was not on the correct medications. They helped me find a psych doctor and got me on the correct medications. I lived in the program for 22 months.

Glass House Inc. helped me apply for Disability. It took 8-9 months to get approved and they were with me every step of the way. Being at Glass House Inc, I was able to go to Domestic Violence Classes and learn about my abuse. That helped me become a stronger woman and become more independent instead of codependent. Staff cared about my situation and all the pain I was going through. They took time out of their day to pay attention to me and help me through my trials and tribulations. They even helped me walk through my divorce.

Now keep in mind, when I entered the program, I was fully aware that Glass House also has a drug and alcohol program. I learned how to have healthy coping skills and helping ones in addiction.

Glass House Inc. staff trains their clients for Narcan administer in case of any emergency. I received a certificate, I want to be part of the solution, not the problem! I love the houses that I lived in. Sharing a room, it allowed me to socialize and make very good friends who are still my friends to this day. The women I’ve met at Glass House Inc. are so amazing. I got to know them all on a personal level.

Glass House Inc, staff sat down with me and help build my credit. My credit has gone up 23% since then. I am so grateful for the personal touch and skills they taught me.

In February 2018 I am in my own apartment. It’s a one bedroom and its safe. I am very happy. I feel like I put a lot of effort into all that I’ve accomplished. That is why I am where I am today. Not because someone else did it for me, but because Glass House Inc. allowed me to work for it and gave me a chance to show my true abilities. My hard work has paid off. You only get what you put into it. For where I am today, I absolutely have Glass House Inc. to thank! I volunteer at Glass House once a week and love my new job at Jubilee Ministries. I am grateful and blessed.


When I was basically homeless in Reading, PA and no place to live, I called Ms. Carol of the Glass House and explained my dire situation to her. I expressed my concerns to her as well as my interest to come to a structured re-acclimation program. She told me that she would speak to parole about me coming to the Glass House. I was worried I would be in violation of my parole with no place to live. I started praying more and more, like I had never done before in my life. Basically, my life was hanging in the balance. I kept constant contact with Ms. Carol. The writing was very stressful, not to mention my nerves were in a bundle. I was pretty much a wreck. Then one day, the call I waiting for came after so long. Ms. Carol called me and gave me the good news. I was cleared to come to the Glass House Inc. to live in the structured Recovery Program. I was relieved of all the weight that was on my shoulders. When I came down to the Glass House was greeted with overwhelming compassion and kindness by Ms. Carol & Ms. Trish and staff. To make a long story short, I was very, very, very grateful for everything. What Ms. Carol & Ms. Trish have done for me, with helping me to be able to get my life back on the right path in my recovery. Ms. Carol & Ms. Trish have always there for me, with teaching me and guiding me every steps of the way with problems, issues, concerns, and my faults and failures with my negative behavior. They have helped me to recognize my red flags, signs, signals, and triggers, to turn my life around in a positive direction. No one has been there and helped me, ever like the Glass House has did for me.

Thank you Ms. Carol & Ms. Trish and staff for always being very supportive for me in recovery and transition into a better person that I was before, I will always remember in my hear, what everyone has done for me and meant to me.



When I first moved into the Glass House, I was quite anxious of the uncertainties ahead. All I wanted was a roof over my head. I also needed to get out of my shell, my comfort zone. However, God had something more planned for me. My main concern was to complete college therefore I needed to have internet. Carol made sure I had it, as well as a goal plan. The plan was set, and I was off and running.

My online college classes continued, as I settled in. Next on my goal was that I needed some serious dental work done. I went through a sore mouth and Carols recollection of picking me up after oral surgery. Then the day finally came I was finally able to smile. On June 1st, a day I thought would never arrive, I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University. I had earned a degree in Creative Writing. I have gone through many stages during my stay. Discovered I do have a voice as I was asked to conduct a journaling class for Glass House clients. Very anxious the first class arrived, and I sailed right through. I have learnt my limitations as to when I need to step back from trigger issues. I have earned respect from other clients of the Glass House and have been called upon in times when help was needed. Many staff members have come and gone. However, through these changes I have seen changes and growth in the Glass House. I now feel very comfortable where I am. Glass House has become more than just roof over my head, is my home until I am ready to move on.

Tina Morrison


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