About Us

In 2004, Carol A. Glass established Glass House Inc.; a non-profit organization serving our community by helping those in need. Typically, we serve 12-15 families, and/or approximately 80-100 clients per year. Our facility helps those who are homeless, in recovery, and living with mental health. We also provide re-entry services and work with probation and parole. Our philosophy is based on the notion of educating deeply the first time. Experience has taught us we could have approximately a 70% recovery rate each year and potentially save our community hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

In 2016, Glass House Inc. served 85 people. When clients enter our facility, they are assigned an Individual Goal Plan (IGP) and/or a Family Goal Plan (FGP). We measure our success by the number of clients who we accept into our facility and compare that to how many of those clients obtain their own residency/home once they have completed their individualized program. Glass House Inc. networks with a variety of counselors, local peace-making organizations, community groups, schools, churches, youth agencies, hospitals, rehabs, as well as probation and parole to create new connections that aid us in helping our clients succeed.

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Our Mission Statement

Glass House Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that focuses on helping individuals integrate back into society and to resolve unsettled pasts. We are assisting them in their recovery and healing so that they can eventually become self-sufficient. Our main goal is to provide stability in our clients through PEACEing Lives Back Together Again.