Who we are

If you have ever lost your home or a loved one, then you know the pain and devastation that it can cause in your life. Glass House Inc. provides transitional and on-going living facilities for keeping the family unit together. We aim to keep homeless parents unite with their children while they work to gain permanent housing.

We help to rebuild self-esteem in both children and adults hoping to restore faith in each person. We believe that any situation can be restored and regained by instilling a firm foundation in the clients lives. The mind is a very powerful thing and if you are constantly telling yourself that it is impossible, then you are setting yourself up to fail, but if you remind yourself that anything is possible, then you are giving yourself a better chance at success.


What we do

When clients arrive at our facility, we provide them with the education and life skills needed to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle when re-entering into society. Glass House Inc. provides both Individual Treatment Plans (ITP) and Family Treatment Plans (FTP). Our programs contain matching and attainable goals that are specifically designed for each family and individual.

Clients who do not have their children residing with them will have a place to stay while working with an agency to reunite them with their children. Glass House Inc. provides a one-on-one Certified Recovery Specialist who helps to teach and advise life skills. We also provide, by referral, different counseling services that are specialized for each individual.

Glass House Inc. is implementing the needed skills and services for our clients through networking with the community and Glass House Inc. facilitators. Families and individuals can eventually obtain their own homes or apartments when finished with the program.

How We Help

We help our clients accomplish the individual treatment plan goals they set for themselves, and make sure that they are as realistic and achievable as possible. Glass House Inc. is bringing hope and faith into our community by:

  • Assisting in housing
  • Helping to network
  • Aiding in job searches
  • Teaching life skills
  • Inspiring creativity and positivity
  • Credit Building

We also offer guidance in job searching and interviewing skills so they have a better chance at becoming employed. Glass House Inc. believes that it is important to implement life skills so families and individuals can integrate back into society and regain their independence.

They Call This “The Last Supper Table”
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