Glass House Mission Statement

Glass House is a non-profit organization that is providing stability through PEACEing Lives Back Together Again; whether it is due to homelessness, economic situations, domestic violence, adult and child abuse, or any kind of addiction.

Losing one’s home would be devastating. Losing one’s children would be unthinkable. Let me introduce you to our organization. Glass House provides transitional and on-going living facilities for keeping the family unit together. We keep homeless parents united with their children while they work to get back on their feet and re-enter society. We accomplish this by offering compassion and spiritual support through education and life skills training. These include family and personal individual treatment programs with matching and attainable goals.

Glass House helps provide men, women, and families a place where they can come together to build a stronger family core. Glass House provides faith-building in our community, assisting in housing, networking, job searches, life skills, and spiritual guidance for a wide variety of individual circumstances as well as prevention. We help build self-esteem—for children as well as the adults—to foster hope and resolve conflicts through teaching and the implementation of positive values in their lives. We provide education and materials for the families and individuals, Glass House Individual Treatment Plans (ITP) and Family Treatment Plans (FTP); as well as a Certified Recovery/Resource Specialist. Simply put, we provide a family with a safe place to reside.

Glass House stabilizes families by providing safe housing and implementing the needed skills and services though networking with the community and Glass House facilitators. We teach different ways of thinking through educating and participation. Families and individuals can eventually obtain their own homes or apartments. Once a solid foundation is established, the family is able to have a healthy schedule that will bring them closer to achieving independence. Through job searching and interviewing skills, they obtain a better chance of employment. Individuals, who do not have their children residing with them, have a place to stay while working with an agency to reunite them with their children. Other parents need Glass House in which to reside so they do not lose their children to the system. Glass House provides a one-on-one Certified Recovery Specialist and life skills. Different counseling services are provided in wide variety for individual circumstances. Two unity meeting are held each week where deeper discussion and reflection is applied. Glass House believes in implementing and learning life skills for a sustainable foundation. It is important to implement life skills, so the same families and individuals do not keep coming back through the process year after year. If we educate deeply the first time, there could be a 70% recovery rate each year. By properly
educating people with life skills, we could save our community hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Not seeing the same families or individuals year after year in the system and giving a solid foundation through education and Faith are our goals.

In 2013 Glass House served 133 people. This includes 23 Family’s homeless families. Goals are measured by client acceptance in comparison to how many obtain their own residency/home. Glass House has Individual Treatment Plans (ITP) and Family Treatment Plans (FTP). We help our clients accomplish the individual treatment plan goals they set for themselves and make sure they are realistic and achievable. Glass House and clients also work with community networking to obtain the goals that are outlined by Counselors, Community Groups, Schools, Churches, Youth Agencies, Hospitals, Rehabs, Probation, Parole, and Community Peace Making.