Our Mission Statement

Glass House Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that focuses on helping individuals integrate back into society and to resolve unsettled pasts. We are assisting them in their recovery and healing so that they can eventually become self-sufficient. Our main goal is to provide stability in our clients through PEACEing Lives Back Together Again.

What we do

When clients arrive at one of our four houses, we begin by providing a quiet place to “re-group” and become stable. Glass House Inc. is unique in that we are a re-acclimation program that includes housing! You are provided a place to live while in the program. Obviously, this is a huge stabilizing factor in a person’s life. Because of this unique feature we can also provide those needing re-entry services and seeking a housing plan an opportunity they might not otherwise have.

Whether you find yourself homeless, in recovery, struggling with mental health, are an ex-offender or just needing some help figuring out “what’s next”, we are here to help.

With the client’s input we then begin to assess their needs and build a goal plan around them. These programs, known as Individual Goal Plans (IGP) and Family Goal Plans (FGP), contain matching and attainable goals that are specifically designed for each individual and/or family. Part of the process is to also build on education and life skills needed to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle when re-entering into society.

Glass House Inc. implements the needed life skills and services for our clients through networking with the community and with Glass House Inc. facilitators. We also help to build credit. Families and individuals can eventually obtain their own apartments and potentially their own homes when finished with the 12 to 24 month program.

NOTE: Clients who do not have their children residing with them will have an opportunity for stability while working with an agency to reunite them with their children. Glass House Inc. provides a one-on-one Certified Recovery Specialist who helps clients network for services, enroll in parenting classes, and develop life skills. The clients have a greater ability to reunite with their children, sooner. We also provide, by referral, different counseling services. Programs are specialized for each individual.

Persons needing help getting back on their feet are welcome to download and print the Glass House Inc. contract and application found under the FORMS tab above and submit it to: info@glasshouseinc.org. You may also call our offices at 717-390-0438. We will get back to you promptly.


How We Help

Glass House Inc. is bringing hope and faith into our community by:

  • Helping to determine what local services clients will network with to best serve their needs – (Glass House Inc. utilizes a variety of counselors, local peace-making organizations, community groups, schools, churches, youth agencies, hospitals, rehabs, probation and parole and many others to create new connections that assist and help our clients to succeed.)


  • Providing housing that offers much needed stability – a unique feature of our program!


  • Aiding in work skills and job searches through CareerLink and utilizing Glass House Inc. partners


  • Teaching basic life skills from cooking and cleaning to accountability and effective communication


  • Inspiring creativity and positivity through enhanced self-image and self-esteem


  • Credit Building


  • Implementing important life skills so individuals and families can effectively integrate back into society and permanently regain their independence – Our program is set up with all the responsibilities of living on one’s own, but with a combination of facilitators, oversight, and the support of one-on-one meetings. In addition, there are also weekly house unity meetings, and volunteer groups who visit to provide added mentoring and skill-building opportunities. Celebrate Recovery is utilized as a tool to teach all clients new ways of thinking and new life perspectives.


home 3

They call this “The Last Supper Table”

This outdoor picnic table, built by Glass House Inc. program participants, serves as a common community meeting place, often hosting gatherings of all kinds from barbecues to literature study meetings.